Technology Innovation Laboratories

MAGIC creates technology innovation laboratories that demonstrate what is possible when community partners work together to solve problems. These innovation laboratories leverage our community's broadband infrastructure.  

Smart Home Project

The MAGIC Smart Home Project is a demonstration of telemedicine, sensors and in-home intelligence, connected by Software Defined Networking and utilizing the Westminster Fiber Network, to create the fundamental unit of a truly Smart Community. Partner companies like Westminster Security and EntryPoint work with MAGIC to configure, test and demonstrate cutting edge technologies to benefit residents in helpful and innovative ways. Read more...


The MAGIC Networking Sandbox is a hardware platform loaded with virtualization software that is the engine for a variety of innovative technology initiatives. Working with high school and college students, MAGIC conducts hacking competitions, network technology demonstrations, and application development challenges, all using the latest technology. This provides students with learning experiences that extend and amplify what they learn in the classroom to increase their interest and excitement about technology.

GEt involved

Contact us to get involved in our tech innovation laboratories. We are always looking for partners and techies to join us!